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95 Grand Prix 3.0L Engine Rebuild



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In March of 2003, I discovered that my 1995 Grand Prix had developed a leak in the coolant system. This leak was allowing coolant to get into the oil system. We all know that when oil and water mix, that's not a good thing. This wasn't either. Especially when I discovered it about 3o'clock in the morning when I checked the oil level in preparation for topping it off if it needed it. Needless to say, I was somewhat shocked to see the oil on the dipstick looking like peanut butter.

It took me a day or two to get up with a friend of mine who has a shop. We decided that I would tow the car in and do the work myself with him watching over me. This was the most economical for me and allowed him to continue with other projects that he was working on. The repairs went pretty fast and I had the car back on the road in a week or so. This exhibit is an archive of what I found inside the topend of the engine as I disassembled it in the car.

The major clean up was done by pouring kerosene down thru the central valley and flushing it all out the oil pan. The components were cleaned in varsol and engine degreaser.

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of the engine compartment before getting started and I didn't get any after cleaning up everything and starting reassembly. Suffice it to say that I refaced the heads mounting surfaces, cleaned and reground the valve seats, and put it all back together with no problems. When it came time to start it after getting it all back together and ready, she started with no real problems. Hit after the first few licks and started up. It took a few minutes for everything to smooth out as the computer relearned how the engine was behaving.

Due to the way we cleaned out the gunk in the oil pan and valley, we ran new oil and filter in the car for 100 miles and then changed both. We then ran the car for another 200 miles and changed the oil and filter again. There have been no problems with this engine since this rebuild. In fact, it seems to be a tad bit beefier.

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