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Traci's Cavalier



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This exhibit is about my friend's daughter's car. It was hit by a drunk driver New Year's night about 1:30AM. The driver came around the curve and didn't stop turning. They came right on around and down the hill and right into the car. Thankfully the car was there or they would have hit the house and come right into the living room where we were on the couch.

The really sad part is that the Cavalier wasn't even tagged or fully titled, yet. The title info was complete and ready to go in the mail but that part hadn't been done yet. To have the car tagged (license plate), you have to have insurance which was being worked on. The tags and insurance are almost a catch-22 in this area. You've got to have one to get the other and visa versa...

So, anyway, she had a nice little car that she was working on getting legal so she could drive it and then this happens

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