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P200807280036 P200807280035 P200807280034 Oscar in his tank after a thorough cleaning. P200807280033 Oscar enjoying his clean home. Hey! What's that thing? It looks mean!

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photographer Waldo Kitty.

Oscar in his tank after a thorough cleaning.

This is Oscar, my oscar. Yeah, the name is real original, haha... in the right corner, you can see his friend Pleco. Pleco is a plecostomous. His name is real original, too ;-)

They lived together in this 30 gallon tank for 5 or 6 years. Oscar died one day after a bought with some bladder infection or somesuch. Pleco stayed on for another year or two until I traded him in at one of the local aquarium stores.

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photographer: Waldo Kitty | shooting date: 1999-01-30 | country: USA | location: Central North Carolina | in gallery: Oscar & Friends | categories: Aquarium, All, Animals, Fish, Freshwater | currently browsing: sort by: author's order (asc), category: All