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Fred Ball and Jeff Pruett The Sacerdotes, Dave and his wife Dale Shipp, Foxy Ferguson, Dennis (John Hartman's daughter's beau at the time), John Hartman Lynnie Sacerdote - blowing bubbles This durian will be dealt with severely (Gail Shipp) Michael has unwrapped the (durian) fruit; Lynnie eyes it nervously, wondering if it will explode Dave Sacerdote finally starts hacking away at the thing (durian)

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photographer unknown.

Lynnie Sacerdote - blowing bubbles

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shooting date: 1997-02-27 | country: USA | location: Hartsville, South Carolina | in gallery: 1997 - Hartsville, SC Picnic | categories: All, Fidonet, Documentary, Cooking, Archivial, Food, People | currently browsing: sort by: author's order (asc), category: All