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Top view home made pizza (flash) 18qt Cooker Untrussed chicken in 18qt cooker Two packages of "Boneless Beef Short Ribs" Two packages of "Boneless Beef Short Ribs" #2 "Boneless Beef Short Ribs" on a Plate Is it a plate of "Boneless Beef Short Ribs" or not?

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photographer Waldo Kitty.

Two packages of "Boneless Beef Short Ribs"

Are these truely boneless beef short ribs or are they something else that the lawyers and their legaleze allow to be called "short ribs". The question is not if they are boneless or beef. That much is fact. The question is if the cuts really are rib meat.

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photographer: Waldo Kitty | shooting date: 2007-04-20 | country: USA | location: Central North Carolina | in gallery: Waldo's Miscellaneous | categories: All, Cooking, Food | currently browsing: sort by: author's order (asc), category: All