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#4 - Too many to count #2 - Loaded and laying over #2 - Red, Ripe and Delicious #2 - Begging to be picked #3 - Tall, Proud and Loaded #1 - Loaded with peppers! #1 - Ripe peppers! Mmm Mmm good!

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photographer Waldo Kitty.

#2 - Begging to be picked

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Never heard of this "fruit" before. We love to get our little hands on reputable suppliers in order to import this. We love to experiment on this mysterious fruit with various food products. Can any one please help us.

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Hari Narain , Fiji

sorry, no i/we cannot... it is very hard to export live fruits or seeds to other countries... hopefully you can find a supplier in another country who may assist you...

Waldo, are these sweet piquante peppers or pepperdews?? If so, how can i get my hands on some seeds. Does anybody now a company or any way that i can get some seeds posted to me in Australia or a company that sells them within Australia. Thanks for your time, Gray

imgrayt , Australia

Hi Gray,

To be honest, I'm not sure. Pepperdew isn't a name for a pepper that I'm aware of. Peppadew, however, is a trademarked name for a type of sweet picante pepper discovered and grown in South Africa. For someone to call their peppers Peppadew, they have to have acquired a license from Peppadew International (Pty) Ltd as well as some seeds or live plants. Anything else cannot be called Peppadew. Let's also be clear in that Peppadew

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