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Brad and his pal (P5010008.JPG) Dog up close (P5010009.JPG) Appetizers (P5010010.JPG) Cleek Cabin Fireplace (P5010011.JPG) Brad Cleek (P5010012.JPG) Sleeping Quarters (P5010013.JPG) Roof Structure (P5010014.JPG)

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photographer Waldo Kitty.

Cleek Cabin Fireplace (P5010011.JPG)

The Cleek Cabin is a nice rustic dwelling. Its used for camping and getogethers like this office picnic. I love the open ceiling with the rafters and roof support timbers.

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photographer: Waldo Kitty | shooting date: 2004-05-01 | country: USA | location: Central North Carolina | in gallery: Terminix Pittsboro Spring Picnic | categories: People, Documentary, All | currently browsing: sort by: author's order (asc), category: All