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photographer Waldo Kitty.

Sleeping Quarters (P5010013.JPG)

This is another shot of the inside of the Cleek Cabin. Continuing on in the rustic nature, the sleeping quarters are behind the white partitions in the background. There are two bunk beds providing four beds for occupants.

To the left, you can see the round dining table (6 ' radius) with the built in 'lazy susan'. Definitely something to have for those family and friend gatherings!

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OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Just browsing online and found a reference to the "Cleek Cabin" near Asheboro. My parents were good friends of Dr. Thornton Cleek and his wife, Martha. I spent many happy hours at this cabin as a child, back in the mid 60. One of the things I remembered were the curtains hanging around the bunk beds, but in my time, they were sort of a red/navy plaid. Oh the fun we had!!! Im so jealous!

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Nancy Klepacki , USA

Hi Nancy! We're glad we could bring back some memories for you ;)

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