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photographer Glen Jamieson.

Closeup of wine fountain spout

A closeup pic of the wine fountain in the labyrinth under Buda Castle, Budapest. The first picture was taken with available light, from the dim kerosene lamps, and for this close-up I used the flash. I didn't check the green creeper growing over the fountain (seen in the first picture), so I don't know if it was real or plastic. I checked the wine, of course, and that was genuine. A semi-sweet lambrusco style. Not a great wine, but it was not oxidised, and was drinkable.

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photographer: Glen Jamieson | shooting date: 2006-09-12 | country: Hungary | location: Budapest | in galleries: Photos by Glen Jamieson, Glen Jamieson Misc Photos | categories: All, Still Life, Architecture | currently browsing: sort by: author's order (asc), category: All